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Ceramic Artist in Richmond, BC Canada.

I was born in Ina, Japan in 1953. I attended the prefectural Ceramics Training School in Seto, Japan where I majored in ceramic design. After graduatingIe apprentice for seven years with a master potter in 1980, I spent a year in Arita in southern Japan learning cobalt brush painting and researching porcelain bodies. These early experiences in my career have profoundly influenced my work. For example, my decision to work with porcelain and the cobalt brush work often dominates my decorative approach to ceramics.


My work is influenced by the traditional patterns and colours of Japan which I have seen growing up in Japan.  As a ceramic artist now living in the west, my work has blended the spiritual and physical influences in my life.  This is coupled by the images in my work which express the constant and continued exploration of shape and colour.

Since establishing my own studio in 1984, I developed the versatility and craftsmanship to work in both functional ware and sculpture. Both branches of ceramics have brought me- to the attention of many collectors. In 1989 my combination of function and sculpture won me a place in the 46th International Ceramic Art Competition in Florence, Italy. I was one of two Canadians chosen to represent Canada in this prestigious ceramic competition. Because of this I was asked in 1995 to exhibit my sculptures in Tokyo at the prominent gallery in the Takashimaya Department Store. It was a triumphant return for a Canadian citizen to be recognized in the country of my origin.  Closer to home I was still able to maintain an important profile in ceramics. In 1990 my soup tureen became part of the Campbell Soup Collection. The following year, my table setting was selected for the Lieutenant Governor’s Ceremonial Chalice for the Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society. I also created a mural for the Caring Place, a community agency in Richmond, BC.  My work continues to develop, inspired by my natural surroundings.

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